Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4.3 Prep-Chaos around Chaos orbs?

4.3 is coming soon. With the arena season ending November 29th, the patch could hit any Tuesday now. So what should you be prepared for? Well, the new Darkmoon faire. I am not sure if there will be any good way to make money off this, I'm guessing only if the new pets/mounts are BoE instead of BoP. But keep an eye (Or two) out for indirect ways of making cash- materials needed much like stone and the old decks were used to gain reputation.

Next- Chaos orbs, and sinister squashling are now BoE, unless something changes all of a sudden from the PTR. The squashling is interesting. I'm not sure how many people have multiples of this companion. I know some people who destroyed extras. To be honest, if you don't need the cash right off, I'd hold onto at least 1-2 of these for a few months, and then try for higher prices. Chaos orbs being unbound was expected. The main things I'm interested in here are 1.) Will the roll rules change? If I roll need, does it become BoP, or can everyone only roll greed? To be honest, I'd prefer the former. Have everyone who needs the item to personally craft roll need, but make it BoP then. If people want it to sell on the AH or for their guild bank, have them roll greed, and whoever wins it receives it as BoE. Of course, this still has problems, and since orbs may become rather cheap after 4.3 it may not be a big enough deal to worry about. The 2nd thing I'm interested in here is what else are orbs going to be used for? Perhaps epic gem xmutes? Remember, 5 orbs can be used to make dreamcloth on the 7 day cooldown, and frozen orbs+wrath gems were used to make icey prisim. These both point to the possibility that chaos orbs may be used as a reagent, or possible optional reagent to transmute epic gems. After all, Blizzard has stated they wish to make epic gems harder to acquire in this tier.

Finally, I'm preparing for the post-patch frenzy. All enchants, from +15 chest to the +50 to bracers and others will sell much better, as players come back to the game, gear new toons, and replace old gear. As well, I'm stocking up on maelstrom crystals. With the shatter, these may soon actually increase in price, depending on how many of each material can be gained from shattering these. I have around 40 stacks of Essence, 100+ stacks of dust, and 100+ heavenly shards, so I'm fairly prepared for the dabbling I do.

Don't forget to stock up for new PvP sets, but don't craft yet. The patterns will be upgraded, but not the crafted pieces already made. As well, look into flipping volatiles- lots of Vfire will be used for sets, water/air for enchants, earth for leg armor and belt buckles.

Finally, gems. Need I say more? They'll sell- like mad. Prepare ahead!

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Jafo said...

Currently on the PTR everyone rolls greed. Chaos orbs dont become soulbound. Patch 4.3 drops the dreamcloth requirement from 5 orbs to 4 orbs.

When PTR first launched chaos orbs were listed at 5000 gold each. Soon they dropped to about 500 gold each and stayed there for a while. Now, a couple of weeks later, they sell around 50 gold each. I guess supply has overtaken demand.

If you want to sell orbs I recommend you do it in the first two weeks. After that the prices will probably drop.