Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Rossi is Wrong about Warriors.

As one of the top warriors in the world, this article shows how little the author really knows about warriors. A few problems with what he writes. (Article here

1.) Yes, execute is a high percentage of our damage. But for neither fury or arms is it realistically 25%, unless that warrior is just bad. On landsoul's 3# parse, on the fight with the STRONGEST execute phase (Elegon) the damage from execute was only 22.9% - that with infinite rage (Berserker stance and avatar) AND all other CDs, PLUS the boss taking over 100% extra damage in execute phase, and a comparatively lesser amount earlier in the fight. On both his other top parses, as well as my own, execute was more realistically 12-17%.

2.) In execute phase, all rage is being spent on execute ONLY, and as few other GCDs are used on rage free abilities as possible. This means that, while above 20% health, a GCD will be used on things such as heroic throw, overpower, slam, etc, during sub 20%, EVERYTHING is focused on getting as many executes out (especially during CS) and ignoring other abilities such as OP, rage allowing. Thus, on a normal fight if I were to focus on only, say. slam, and ignore things like OP/throw of COURSE the percentage damage of that one ability would be higher.

Theory crafting requires an understanding of how a class works. If you aren't going into execute phase with close to full rage, a CS ready, all cooldowns up, potting, and depending on the fight with bloodlust, you're doing it wrong. Considering all the extra things a warrior puts into execute phase, is it any wonder it is so strong?

Oh, and another note. Unless your warrior is just bad, he should still be pulling incredible numbers, especially on elegon, garalon, wind lord, stoneguard, and gar'jal.

If Rossi really things warriors underperform the rest of the fight, maybe he should do some more research. I assure you, this is not the case.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Need V Greed: When is it a Ninja!@!

Note, this is a post I made on MMO-Champion about when it is right to hit "need" or "greed" in Looking For Groups such as LFR or LFD. My stance is as follows. (Note: Because we are 3/8 heroic, I normally only do LFR on alts if I need a specific piece, a friend needs a piece, or for the valor)

Link to the original article can be found here.

I find everyone saying "No its wrong" to be rather humorous. Wrong according to what? Your sense of fair play? Ok, maybe, but if its going off a personal opinion, then you can't hold others accountable to your personal standard.

Wrong according to the rules? Nope. You can need on anything you are able to roll need on and be perfectly safe. A ninja is technically one who breaks pre-arranged loot rules outside of a blizzard-enforced environment (basically outside of any LFG).

Wrong according to the community? Maybe. Sure, there are basic "rules" some people go by, such as MS>OS but those are more for self benefit and the golden rule. Those aren't even always accepted by all players.

So whose rule of "right and wrong" do you go by? Do you invoke some religious backing, "Do unto others" or something of the sort?

What is the premise for saying anyone else is "right" or "wrong" "good" or "bad"?

Example, if a tank is an asshole or just plain bad (whether due to skill, or lack, or because he's being lazy or just dicking around) some may say I'm justified on rolling on a tank item I need for OS. Blizzard rules allow me to do so. If I win it, am I a "bad" person? If I was running that dungeon just to build pieces for my tank spec, because I can't tank yet, and I was q'ing just for that piece, do I have more "right" then the tank who was just running for valor and happened to need it as well?

Under what circumstances is a decision right or wrong? Am I sometimes a "nicer" person, giving a tank a piece I won fair and square because he asked me too? Maybe.

Then again, consider the problems in the system. Very few people hit pass in LFD. Most hit greed or DE. If I need something for OS, I'll roll need. If the tank/heals/DPS do as well, and its their MS, I'll probably give it to them unless I'm there just to gather that piece. You see, this way I remove the chance of it being DE'd or hoping I get lucky over people who just want the crystal or the vendor price. Is that wrong? Even if I'm considering others by passing it off if two people "need" it but its their MS, I'm still keeping it over someone who'd vendor. Most players would say that is acceptable, and "right" however.

It all comes down to your personal view. No one can say you are right or wrong, as long as you are within the rules. They may kick or insult, kicking is within their right to do so.

Now more on topic, why should bad/lazy/afk players "win" loot over those who "earn" it by better performance? I'd do the same thing as the OP. Blizzards system doesn't reward good players, or those trying to improve, so I will try to do so. Some may say I am wrong, some may swear, but this is within the rules.

Note: This is specific to random people in LFD/LFR not guild/friends where progression/friendship come first.